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No, Your Life Doesn't Need to Be Perfect in Order to Become a Life Coach

“I have so many issues of my own… if I can’t figure out how to take care of my own messes, how could I possibly coach someone else on how to clean up theirs?!”

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5 Steps to Reignite Your Passion Without Switching Jobs

Does it feel like your job “enthusi-meter” is broken or in need of a serious tune up? You wouldn’t be alone. An overwhelming majority of your workmates (a whopping 87%!) feel the same way.

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Coach Training Isn't Just for 'Coaches'...Here's Why

What is your job title?

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The 3 Factors That Influence a Coach's Salary

You’ve dreamed of starting a coaching career for forever — one that gets you out of cubicle-land and into your own office, replete with vision boards, family pictures, and all the other knick-knacks that make you feel happy.

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How Energy Leadership Can Change Your Workplace

Energy Leadership Coaching: what the heck is that and what on earth does it have to do with running a successful company?!

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How do I get my first coaching client, anyway?

Feeling the itch to change your career?

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What is Internal Coaching?

If you’ve ever casually mentioned to someone else that you’re interested in a career as a coach, you may have run into these common assumptions:

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5 Reasons Why Coaching is a Must-Have Transferable Skill

Who doesn’t want to improve their energy, engagement, happiness levels, and overall satisfaction in their life and work?

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How to Subtly Manage Toxic Leadership With Coaching Skills

There are few things as disheartening as working in an uncommunicative, oppressive work environment. Usually, as employees, we look to upper management to set the tone and provide solid, thoughtful leadership.

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3 Baby Steps to Leaving Your Comfort Zone

The thought of making a big change or shift in our lives can be downright scary. For some, it can come along with a paralyzing, all-consuming anxiety or fear that our investment of time, energy, and money won’t pay off—or even worse, that our hopes and dreams for a happy outcome won’t[...]

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