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How Energy Leadership Can Change Your Workplace

Energy Leadership Coaching: what the heck is that and what on earth does it have to do with running a successful company?!

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What is Internal Coaching?

If you’ve ever casually mentioned to someone else that you’re interested in a career as a coach, you may have run into these common assumptions:

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The Tools You Need to Start Your Coaching Practice in a (Seemingly) Saturated Market

If you hang out in online spaces often, you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their second cousin seems to have hung their “coaching” shingle for all to see. When you see so many advertisements for coaches, it can be really intimidating as a potential student. You may be asking yourself[...]

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3 Ways Coach Training Can Help Doctors Become Better Leaders

As an Admissions Coach for iPEC, I get to talk to professionals of all backgrounds. Lately I’ve noticed that more and more of my one-on-one sessions have been with medical professionals who are facing uncertainty and overwhelm due to more patients, fewer doctors, and increasingly complex[...]

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"You'd Make a Great Coach!" ... How to Go From Dreaming to Doing

When your friends are battling an internal tornado, do they turn to you when they need to decompress and let it all out?

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How to Financially Prepare for a Transition to Professional Life Coaching

As an Admissions Coach, I hear from people all across the country (and world!) who are interested in becoming a professional coach but are apprehensive about investing in themselves.

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