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The 3 Factors That Influence a Coach's Salary

You’ve dreamed of starting a coaching career for forever — one that gets you out of cubicle-land and into your own office, replete with vision boards, family pictures, and all the other knick-knacks that make you feel happy.

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5 Reasons Why Coaching is a Must-Have Transferable Skill

Who doesn’t want to improve their energy, engagement, happiness levels, and overall satisfaction in their life and work?

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Introverts Can Be Successful Coaches, Too

Picture the classic entrepreneur stock photo: a well-dressed professional with a confident smile, shaking hands with a new acquaintance and surrounded by other people at a networking event. Did you just shudder a little and think “I can’t do that! I hate networking and putting myself out there”?

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Why You Should Pursue Coach Training, Even Though You Don’t Have Time For It

“I don’t have enough time.”

I often hear this roadblock from people who are hesitant to commit to coach training, graduate school, or some other development program.

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To the Therapist Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than Optimally Functioning Clients

As an Admissions Coach at iPEC, I speak with social workers and therapists who tell me that their patients often come to them during a time of great need or struggle. Often, they are battling depression, addiction, or trauma. In some ways, they’re coming from a non-functional place, and your[...]

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Here’s How Everyone Can Balance a Professional Coach Training Program with Work, Life, and Family

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from people when they are considering enrolling in the iPEC Coach Training Program is that they’ll need to quit their job in order to have the time to complete it. They often feel overwhelmed by everything else going on in their life, they couldn’t[...]

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