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No, Your Life Doesn't Need to Be Perfect in Order to Become a Life Coach

“I have so many issues of my own… if I can’t figure out how to take care of my own messes, how could I possibly coach someone else on how to clean up theirs?!”

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How do I get my first coaching client, anyway?

Feeling the itch to change your career?

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How to Subtly Manage Toxic Leadership With Coaching Skills

There are few things as disheartening as working in an uncommunicative, oppressive work environment. Usually, as employees, we look to upper management to set the tone and provide solid, thoughtful leadership.

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Laid Off? Between Jobs? Here's Why You'll Never Regret Investing In Yourself During Rough Times

Many of the people I talk to on a daily basis want to enroll in coach training but push it off because of money. Financial concerns are some of the most burdensome limitations we face and they come in many forms:

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Unfulfilled: When You Feel Like You’re Living Someone Else's Life

You wake up, get dressed, and start the coffee pot. You eat the same breakfast that you do every day, say goodbye to your family (both the two- and four-legged), and head out for the morning commute.

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Leaving Your Day Job: Creating a Solid Exit Strategy in Order to Pursue Your Coaching Practice

When Hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast, I wasn’t prepared for the chaos she would throw my life into. It had never crossed my mind that I’d end up unemployed (for an entire year!) because of Mother Nature.Making the decision to invest in coach training was so difficult. I had lost my[...]

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