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Detached Involvement

When you practice detached involvement, you're both a participant and an observer of your life at the same time. You see all experiences as part of life’s journey without judging them as being good or bad. You simply experience them and are in control of your responses to them. You’re fully[...]

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6 Quick Steps to Coaching the Butterfly Effect

What’s meant here by coaching the Butterfly Effect is coaching someone to think through the various options they have in front of them and consider where each may lead – sort of like chess; you as the coach or leader are helping them to think several moves ahead.

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A Brief Explanation of Energy Leadership

A graduate recently asked me for some language he could use to easily explain Energy Leadership (and the Energy Leadership Index assessment) to prospects. Here’s what I wrote. I'm curious to know, after reading this, how intrigued you'd be to learn more.

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Act Before You Think

The most difficult part of writing is drafting the first sentence.  Believe it or not, those eleven words you just read took about fifteen minutes to put together.  Oh, I knew what I wanted to write about.  I had my plan as to where this blog was going, but I needed to think of a powerful first[...]

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What Being an Athlete in Team Sports Taught Me about Leadership

The lessons learned from sports are invaluable. It was in team sports where I first learned what leadership is all about. At an early age, I was fortunate to learn the fundamentals of leadership, and practice and experience being a leader.

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All You Need is Love

Whether you realize it or not, experiencing Love is all you really want. Money, treasures, even good health and better relationships are all things you think that you need. But they are only strategies - means, not ends.

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A Coaching Moment: Who Are You Being, Right Now?

Every moment asks you to show up in some way.  Consider, right now, who are you being?  How are you showing up?

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A Call for Resolve, Not Resolutions

Forgive me, as this post will be a bit longer than usual, but I needed to get some things out. There's a character in Ayn Rand’s reputed and much discussed work, Atlas Shrugged, named John Galt.  In the first half of the book, characters, out of despair, use John Galt’s name as a reason to give up[...]

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A Year in Review and a Year in Preview

As we ready ourselves to eat, drink, and be merry, I want to urge you to be sure to take time to reflect on the year that has passed. What are you most grateful for? What lessons have you learned? What purpose have you found in those difficult times that arose?

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An Uncertain Gift

I was just reading an article by Ben Johnson entitled, “Helping Students Deal with Uncertainty in the Classroom” and couldn’t help but think about how most adults handle uncertainty.

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