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How Coaching Can Help You Forge Better Connections with Your Students

Many people believe that you should only pursue coach training if you want to become an entrepreneurial life or business coach. But, that’s simply not the case.

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"You'd Make a Great Coach!" ... How to Go From Dreaming to Doing

When your friends are battling an internal tornado, do they turn to you when they need to decompress and let it all out?

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To the Therapist Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than Optimally Functioning Clients

As an Admissions Coach at iPEC, I speak with social workers and therapists who tell me that their patients often come to them during a time of great need or struggle. Often, they are battling depression, addiction, or trauma. In some ways, they’re coming from a non-functional place, and your[...]

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Unfulfilled: When You Feel Like You’re Living Someone Else's Life

You wake up, get dressed, and start the coffee pot. You eat the same breakfast that you do every day, say goodbye to your family (both the two- and four-legged), and head out for the morning commute.

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What It's Really Like to Attend iPEC

Last week, a current student expressed what it’s REALLY like to attend iPEC.

We asked for her permission and she wholeheartedly encouraged us to share her Facebook post hoping it would be inspirational to anyone thinking of taking the leap.

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Finding Motivation When Everything Feels Like an Uphill Battle

Workers today are experiencing more stress, anxiety, and frustration with their careers than ever before. Many feel unfulfilled by their day job, restlessly unproductive, and emotionally unattached to their employer and coworkers. Unfortunately, the imbalance they feel in the workplace spills[...]

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Coach Certification: Is It Really Necessary?

Coaching feels like a new buzz word. You can't take a step left or right without coming across some sort of life or business coach—and for good reason. More and more research is being conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching, especially in the workplace. It’s a powerful tool that[...]

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How to Financially Prepare for a Transition to Professional Life Coaching

As an Admissions Coach, I hear from people all across the country (and world!) who are interested in becoming a professional coach but are apprehensive about investing in themselves.

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Here’s How Everyone Can Balance a Professional Coach Training Program with Work, Life, and Family

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from people when they are considering enrolling in the iPEC Coach Training Program is that they’ll need to quit their job in order to have the time to complete it. They often feel overwhelmed by everything else going on in their life, they couldn’t[...]

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Leaving Your Day Job: Creating a Solid Exit Strategy in Order to Pursue Your Coaching Practice

When Hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast, I wasn’t prepared for the chaos she would throw my life into. It had never crossed my mind that I’d end up unemployed (for an entire year!) because of Mother Nature.Making the decision to invest in coach training was so difficult. I had lost my[...]

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