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3 Tips In Dealing With Life's Rough Patches

For those who live in warmer climates, winter weather is rarely a concern. As a north-easterner, we can get some pretty severe winter storms. I can deal with the cold and even a foot of snow. But, the worst is freezing rain that becomes black ice on the roads, walkways, and stairs. If you've[...]

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The Grass Isn’t Greener…But Jealousy Is

I was sitting in a pizzeria the other day. It was later than the usual lunchtime rush, so the crowd had died down. There were eight or nine of us having lunch. I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so I was using the time to catch up on the numerous emails that piled up. As I’m sure you know, they[...]

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8 Tips To Keep Your Cool

We all run into instances and situations that can cause frustration and, yes, even anger. I'd be lying if there haven't been times when someone cuts me off while driving that I didn't think having a Howitzer mounted on my car would be a handy option car dealers should offer. Rudeness,[...]

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A Lesson in 'Simplicity'

There are a lot of things in life that are truly complicated and challenging to solve – a long-term solution for peace in the Middle East, calculus, mapping the human genome, or deciphering if my wife is really 'fine' or if I'm actually in trouble.

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Detached Involvement

When you practice detached involvement, you're both a participant and an observer of your life at the same time. You see all experiences as part of life’s journey without judging them as being good or bad. You simply experience them and are in control of your responses to them. You’re fully[...]

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All You Need is Love

Whether you realize it or not, experiencing Love is all you really want. Money, treasures, even good health and better relationships are all things you think that you need. But they are only strategies - means, not ends.

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“No” Improv

One rule of improvisational acting (especially in comedy) is to never respond to your co-actor by saying “no.” Using the word “no” is a quick way to halt momentum, stop the actors in their tracks, and break the energy of the act. In improv, it’s best to go with the flow, to maneuver through the[...]

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